The complete range of algae and seaweed raw materials

The most suitable algae raw material for your project may not yet be known to you by name. In our consultation at the kick-off of our joint project, we analyze your needs. We source the required raw materials from one of our partners worldwide and stock them in one of our warehouses in Germany.

Widest range of products from worldwide sourcing

Of approximately 200,000 micro- and macro-algae species known to date, only about 100 have been researched for use by humans. Only for about 40 are both useful and approved for structured value creation. The species and individual batches differ in the content and composition of the ingredients. We stock the complete variety of raw materials, extracts and processed substances in our warehouses in Germany, can procure them immediately through our partner network or research procurement channels for you quickly and directly. We procure the right quantities of raw materials for you, both for pilot trials and for consumer products that are turning over quickly in large quantities.

In-depth raw material understanding acquired on site

Like all plant raw materials, algae are exposed to a variety of environmental factors during growth that influence the nature and quality of the harvested biomass or substances produced from it. The processes involved are only recently understood and are mostly hidden beneath the surface of the water.

Our staff and partners are experts in all these processes and related raw material properties. Harvest cycles, quality levels and possible losses, variety-specific processing, analytical methods, sensory analysis, market trends, …..

On site and in scientific studies in the country of origin and in Germany, we create and maintain, often in pioneering work, the industry-specific expertise from which our customers benefit so sustainably.

A solid partner network with great cohesion

When working with Algenladen / ALGROS, you have access to our worldwide network of partners and producers, which has grown over the years. When selecting partners, a precise verification process helps us to communicate our quality demands and safety as well as social standards and to establish them during long-term partnerships. In some cases, we represent producers with high-quality raw materials exclusively in Europe.

This creates resilient partnerships within our network and it is possible, for example in urgent cases, to procure goods for you within the shortest possible time thanks to our close contacts with producers and suppliers.

Pristine raw materials from producers at first hand

Experienced collectors and artisan farmers produce our raw materials in aquaculture or from wild collection in industrially untouched marine regions or with purest spring water in inland areas. Extracts are produced gently and efficiently on modern equipment according to the latest scientific knowledge.

During our visits and audits, we are directly on site at harvest time or during production in order to continuously optimize the processes and thus the raw material quality.

This is what you should know about us

We are your contact for algae and seaweed raw materials in the B2B sector. We are happy to offer you competent advice on questions regarding the selection of algae and seaweed for your recipes. From our extensive range of quality-scented raw materials, you can offer your customers guaranteed pollutant-free, harmless products.

We offer all types of seaweed whole, cut, powder, oleoresin, dried, frozen, salted or fresh. If your desired form is not included in our catalogue, then (and not only then) feel free to contact us.

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